The vision

It all started with the idea of reviving the monastery. The Armenian Holy See of Etchmiadzin was looking for a way to bring life back into the walls of the once vibrant Tatev monastic complex. Discussions were all leading to one point: in order to revive the monastic, academic and cultural traditions for which Tatev is celebrated and in order to give it the recognition it deserves as part of the world's cultural heritage, the monastery has to be made more accessible.

The Tatev Revival Project was born when one of its future benefactors suggested an innovative and ambitious solution to address the problem of accessibility which would also contribute to the economic development of the region and provide exciting new opportunities in the surrounding communities - building the world's longest aerial tramway.

The Tatev Aerial Tramway was built by Garaventa, a world leader in the accessibility industry that has been building award-winning aerial tramways around the world for over 30 years. The design process and foundation work began in 2009. The team had to invent a new type of foundation for the Tatev terminal because of poor soil conditions. The construction works completed in the fall of 2010. The aerial tramway was launched on October 16, 2010, together with the official launch of the Tatev Revival Project.

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