Armenian Cuisine Revival

The Armenian Cuisine Revival project is a new community-based initiative designed to invigorate, reinterpret and promote Armenian cuisine. The broad goals of the project are to enhance Armenia's culinary culture, engage rural communities and stimulate economic growth. This will include the development of a food culture that lends itself to new, marketable tourism products locally, nationally and internationally.

The project aims to create a new chapter in Armenia''s culinary heritage, rekindling interest in dishes that can currently only be found in rural homes. Starting with homemakers in the communities around Tatev, the project will revive traditional flavors and fuse them with modern techniques. It will introduce presentation styles that will reinvigorate dishes while upholding their authenticity.

Project:  First Steps

With a long-term vision for the Armenian Cuisine Revival as a nationwide movement, the pilot stage of the project is being launched at Tatev, where community-based research is already underway and new dishes are being developed based on local favorites.

The project requires funding for the first two years, after which it is designed to be self-sustaining and to grow organically as a movement. Initial funding will go towards field research, development of a culinary database, network-building, branding and promotion. An Armenian Cuisine Revival website will be developed along with a new cookbook.


Cost:                 $270,000

Funded:             $25,000

Needed:                 $245,000


Target completion date:  April 2013