Catholicos" blessing



On the Occasion of the Launch of the Tatev Revival Project


Today is a day of great joy for me as Patriarch, when in our free homeland and throughout the Diaspora by the mercifulwill of God, our spiritual and national life is revitalized as the revered and wondrous Monastery of Tatev joinsthe ranks of the churches and monasteries being built and restored by providence. Truly, it is an encouraging signin our life, when the dedicated sons and daughters of our Church contribute their efforts and resources, moved bythe same zeal and faith as those who in the time of the Apostles established and, through the centuries, built andprotected this monastery.

Today the eyes of our nation and of all people who value world cultural heritage are upon the opening of a uniquemeans of reaching the monastery, which will be followed by the restoration of the monastery, so that Tatev, thissacred place, a great and shining pillar of our faith, a brilliant center of art, education and scholarship through thecenturies, can continue its inspired mission with full vigor as an honored treasure of Christian culture. Through thisproject, with the participation and support of the faithful sons and daughters of our Church as well as believers fromother nations, this monastery will be filled with new life, the historic center of Syunik Diocese will grow and prosper,and God's blessings and grace will abound in Syunik and flow over us all. We have faith that the bright day will comewhen all our monasteries will be restored and filled with prayer and spiritual awakening. With this fervor, unshakeablefaith and optimism we exert our people to support and bring their participation to the Tatev Revival Project.

We extend our deepest appreciation and blessings to the Government of the Republic of Armenia, under whoseauspices the Tatev Revival project has become a reality and to all the benefactors who have contributed to theproject, and we pray that God make their church-loving and nation-devout works fruitful and fill their lives withblessings. May the Lord grant peace to our homeland and our people throughout the world, strengthening themin faith and good deeds, and may those who have built churches and helped them prosper earn manifold rewardsand blessings.

The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and with all. Amen.



Supreme Patriarch and Catholicosof All Armenians