Communal Quarters

Tatev Monastery was truly a self-sufficient complex. While it was primarily a place of worship and higher learning, it was also the hub of everyday monastic life, with facilities and amenities that catered to the basic needs of the monks.

The kitchen, bakery and dining hall are in the south wing, behind the Swinging Column monument. Adjacent to them is the library and book repository, a labyrinthine series of rooms with large arched windows overlooking the Vorotan Gorge. Across the courtyard is the stable. And further along the wall is a series of rooms that were the administrative halls of the Syunik prelacy.

Exploring these rooms and imagining them filled with hundreds of people going about their quotidian activities provides a glimpse into the vibrant, multi-faceted society that was Tatev.


The communal quarters, which make up a substantial part of the monastery, are in various states of critical disrepair. A common issue among all of them is leaks in the roof and walls, and the resulting water damage. The restoration will focus on addressing these issues, reversing the damage already caused and preventing further deterioration. Minor excavations and research will be carried out to gain a deeper understanding of the functions of the building components and their historical significance. The modern uses of the buildings will be determined based on this research.


Cost:             $ 2,295,000

Funded:         $250,000

Needed:            $ 2,045,000


Target completion date:  October 2014