The Community

The Tatev Revival Project encompasses not only the monastery, but the eight villages that surround it - Tatev, Halidzor, Tandzatap, Svarants, Khot, Shinuhayrm Bardzravan and Aghvani. Historically, the villages and the monastery have had a symbiotic relationship. Today, when viewing the region's potential as a destination for rural and community-based tourism, the same principal applies. Visitors to the monastery will surely want to get a feel for village life, and with the steady flow of tourists assured by the monastery, there lies great potential to develop and promote tourism assets in the villages.

Our tourism and community development projects are designed in keeping with the greater framework of the Southern Armenia Tourism Corridor, and the tourism development vision for Armenia, one that is progressive, experiential, environmentally friendly, and community-based. 

The Tatev Revival Project is designed to be deeply involved with the local communities, with a focus on job creation. We are developing rural tourism initiatives, such as a network of village bed and breakfasts, and a revival of local cuisine and crafts. These projects will add to the tourism appeal of the region, engage community members, and boost the local economy.


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