The Tatev Revival Project encompasses the eight villages that surround the monastery on both sides of the Vorotan River Gorge: -Halidzor, Tandzatap, Svarants, Khot, Shinuhayr, Aghvani, Bardzravan and Tatev village. A symbiotic relationship has historically existed between the villages and the monastery. The Tatev Revival Project will help restore this mutually beneficial relationship on the basis of rural and community-based tourism, with Tatev Monastery as the driver of economic growth and job creation. Many visitors to the monastery will want to get a feel for village life and stay in local homes.

With the steady flow of tourists will come the opportunity for sustainable economic development, boosting local organic agriculture, services, crafts, and tourism offerings. Initiatives, such as the development of village bed and breakfasts and the revival of local Armenian cuisine will engage community members and create livelyhoods, while adding to the tourism appeal of the region.