Press conference about the ongoing works of Wings of Tatev


Taking into account the considerable public and media attention towards the aerial tramway, we would like to announce that on December 1, at 1:00 pm, a press conference will be held at the "Mirror" press club (P. Byuzand 1/3, 4th floor). The press conference will be devoted to the ongoing works of Wings of Tatev, the world's longest reversible passenger aerial tramway. The speakers of the press conference are Syuzanna Azoyan, the Tourism Program Director of the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia; Tigran Ghazaryan, the Manager of Wings of Tatev ; and Vanik Vardanian, the Project Manager of Tatev Revival Project. The following topics will be discussed during the conference:  the statistics on the visitors of Wings of Tatev, security and technical issues, the staff of the aerial tramway, the Tatev Revival Project and its future steps, as well as the Dzithan, as a functioning interactive museum.

Please confirm your participation in advance.