Grigor Tatevatsi Mausoleum


The mausoleum adjacent to St. Poghos-Petros Church houses the tomb of the eminent Grigor Tatevatsi. A true renaissance man, Tatevatsi was a great theologian, philosopher, pedagogue, painter, musician and writer. Under his leadership, Tatev underwent a major academic revival in the 14th century. It became the largest and most highly esteemed Armenian university of its time, with three different schools, each divided into faculties, including theology, philosophy, architecture, astronomy, manuscript-writing and miniature-painting. Tatevatsi created a centre of excellence, where some of the greatest Armenian thinkers of the day lived, prayed, learned, and created timeless pieces of literature and art.

In 1409, after Tatevatsi's death, his relics were buried at the south entrance of St. Poghos-Petros Church. Later, in 1787, Bishop Hovakim built a mausoleum on this spot, in order to preserve the sacred tomb with its cross-stone and inscriptions.


Though it is a comparatively newer structure, the mausoleum has undergone significant water damage, much like the rest of the Tatev complex. The walls and roof must be repaired to prevent leaks and put an end to the ongoing damage to the monuments within. Restoring the mausoleum will not only conserve a spiritual monument of unique architectural beauty, but will serve as a tribute to the legacy of Grigor Tatevatsi, a truly innovative thinker who turned a new page in Armenian academic history.


Cost:                   $40,000

Funded:               $0

Needed:                   $40,000


Target completion date:   October 2012