Tatev Monastery is at the heart of the Tatev Revival Project. It has been perched majestically above the Vorotan River Gorge for over a thousand years. Built and rebuilt lovingly, its stone structures hold a legacy of survival and enlightenment. Throughout its existence, Tatev has suffered damage from invading armies, but its most severe damage has been due to natural causes. A major earthquake left the monastery in ruins in 1931. Several restoration attempts were made during the late Soviet period but were incomplete and often flawed.

Leaking roofs and damp walls throughout the monastery's buildings, including its churches, threaten their structural integrity and continue to damage their interiors every winter. The historical inaccuracies of the Soviet era restoration prevent Tatev from recovering its full potential and gaining official World Heritage status. The Tatev Revival Project will provide a long-lasting solution to these problems, continuing a centuries-old tradition of protecting and enhancing the monastery.  An international Restoration Advisory Committee has been assembled to ensure the state-of-the-art quality of the work.

The total cost of preserving and restoring the monastery is $5,805,000, of which roughly thirty percent has already been raised. $4,125,000 is still needed to complete the restoration of the monastery''s eight main structures, breathing new life into Tatev and passing its legacy on to future generations.


01. St. Poghos-Petros Church and Bell Tower
Tatev's Masterpiece

02. Grigor Tatevatsi Mausoleum
Honoring a Great Visionary and Innovator

03. St. Grigor Lusavorich Church
Where It All Began

04. Gavazan
The Swinging Column

05. St. Astvatsatsin Church
The Chapel on the Wall

06. Dzit-han
The Oil Mill

07. Monk Cells
The Asceticism of Monastic Living

08. Communal Quarters
A Glimpse into Everyday Life in the Monastery