President’s message



On the occasion of the launch of the Tatev Revival Project


I welcome this remarkable initiative of the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia.

I consider the Tatev Revival Project, which has been created through a partnership with the Government of Armenia,the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church and benefactors, to be an important and modern initiative. The activitiesof the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, within the framework of this project, will have wide ranging positive effects not only on the Tatev monastic complex itself, but on its adjacent areas and communities.I am certain that as a result of the implementation of this project and the construction of the world''s longest aerialtramway, the historic monuments and distinctive natural sites of Syunik will become more accessible and will berevealed anew, both for our compatriots and for guests of our country.

This is a unique opportunity to breathe new life into one of the supreme Armenian scientific and cultural centers ofthe Middle Ages, which we are going to revive, thus adding even more charm to the Vorotan Gorge.

I believe that this initiative will be crowned with success and will become a serious stimulus, boosting economic, aswell as touristic, scientific and cultural life in the south of Armenia.

Once again welcoming the launch of the Tatev Revival Project, I wish success to all those who conceived and implementedthis marvelous concept. 



President of the Republic of Armenia