Southern Armenia Ecotourism

In addition being a cultural icon, Tatev is located in one of Armenia's most picturesque regions. It is an ideal area to launch the Southern Armenia Nature Trails, a network of walking, hiking, horseback riding and biking trails. These trails will take nature lovers through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Caucasus with the option of camping or staying in village bed and breakfasts along the way. 

The natural beauty of the Vorotan Gorge, which Tatev overlooks, is made even more stunning by its mineral springs, geological formations, and fascinating ruins. The Nature Trails will link these elements together, creating a highly rewarding set of itineraries filled with a range of attractions, from the colorful caverns of Devil''s Bridge to the ancient cave dwellings of Khndzoresk.

Project:  Plotting, Marking and Maintaining Trails

Working with locals who are familiar with the terrain, the Nature Trails project will plot a network of trails that will stretch across Armenia''s southern corridor winding from the Areni caves all the way down to Tatev. Trails will be marked and will be promoted through printed materials and a website. They will be developed in coordination with the Village Bed and Breakfast project so that the two initiatives are mutually beneficial and interlinked. Bi-annual maintenance checks will be made to replace damaged signs and monitor the effects of the trails on their surrounding wildlife and villages.


Cost:                         $  125,000

Funded:                   $ 20,000

Needed:                 $105,000


Target completion date:  April 2011