Tatev Active Museum

Armenia is said to be an open-air museum, with its fascinating history etched into its very landscape, and Tatev is certainly no exception. While the monastery''s architectural monuments and artwork alone can be presented as a fascinating museum, the Tatev Active Museum will combine artifacts with activities, workshops and events, highlighting the monastery's living history, and its spiritual, cultural and academic legacy.

The traditional element of the active museum will be a space within the monastery where the treasures of Tatev and the Syunik region - such as the original door of St. Poghos-Petros church and intricately decorated medieval manuscripts - will be displayed on a rotating basis, on loan from museums based in other parts of the country.  In addition to the more standard museum elements, there will be workshops, such as the ancient tradition of candle-making for which Tatev was famous, and special seasonal events such as the Blessing of the Grapes.

Project:  Establishing the Museum

One of the first steps in establishing the Active Museum is rehabilitating the monastery's former scriptorium as a display area and the former stables as a traditional crafts center. A full inventory of Tatev-related artifacts currently in other museums will be created to serve as the basis for establishing agreements on hosting rotating displays at the monastery. Artisans who have preserved the knowhow of traditional crafts will be recruited to train local apprentices and to work with museum visitors.


Cost:                         $270,000

Funded:                     $ 0

Needed:                           $270,000


Target completion date:  October 2015