The Tatev Revival Project

Monastery, community and tourism are the inseparable elements of the Tatev Revival Project. Tatev Monastery is the main asset and competitive advantage of the surrounding six villages, and tourism is the economic activity that can ensure livelihoods and promote local development. But tourism cannot thrive in the region unless it is rooted in the communities and anchored on the monastery. And the monastery must be energized by the local population and sustained by international visitors, creating the three mutually reinforcing facets of the Tatev Revival Project: monastery, community, tourism.

For centuries, the majestic walled complex of Tatev Monastery has been tucked away in a forgotten corner of the world, remote and difficult to access. By 2016, Tatev will be resurrected as a vibrant cultural hub and the center of local communities set to flourish. Its mighty buildings will be restored and its ancient spiritual and academic traditions reawakened. The villages surrounding the monastery will be stirring with an air of excitement and energy that they have not felt in centuries. The daunting gorge that separates Tatev from the world will be bridged through the sky, allowing visitors from around the globe to discover what Armenian monks and scholars understood over a thousand years ago: -Tatev is a little piece of heaven on earth, a nexus where the spiritual and the worldly meet and thrive in unison. This is the vision of the Tatev Revival Project.

The project consists of three components:

(1)   Restoring the monastery structurally and spiritually
(2)   Developing community-based tourism in the eight villages surrounding the monastery
   Building tourism infrastructure - a hotel across the valley from Tatev and the world's longest aerial tramway spanning the Vorotan River Gorge

With generous donations, contributions of time and expertise, and a shared passion for reinstating a tradition of greatness, the Tatev Revival Project will have a lasting impact - on the ongoing legacy of the monastery, on the social and economic future of the resilient people who inhabit its countryside, and on the cultural heritage of the world.

Join us. Become a part of the legacy.

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