Village Bed And Breakfasts

In the past several years, Tatev has had several thousands of visitors during the peak tourist season. With the opening of the longest aerial tramway in the world and with the new tourism initiatives developed by the Tatev Revival Project, the number of tourists is projected to increase fourfold. In order for visitors to spend time in the region and truly experience the pastoral serenity and warm hospitality of the villages surrounding Tatev Monastery, a larger number and wider range of accommodation options must be available. Bed and breakfasts are both a unique opportunity for local entrepreneurs and an ideal accommodation option for visitors who want to spend the night, explore Tatev and the Vorotan Gorge, and get a real taste of village life.

Project:  Revolving Fund

Creating B&Bs is as simple and rewarding as investing in a local family''s future. The National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia is creating a revolving fund for families who are willing and able to turn their homes into B&Bs but lack financing and knowhow. It also applies to existing B&Bs in need of renovation and training. The fund is collaborating with architects, designers and NGOs that have experience in B&B development to create a program that will truly benefit those who have the desire and potential to start a small, family-run business. The project will be piloted with an initial set of five selected households.


Cost:                        $250,000  

Funded:                    $50,000

Needed:                          $200,000


Target completion date:  January 2013