One of the main themes of the Tatev Revival Project is connection. The project connects Tatev's past legacy to the future development of the region, links private and public partners around a common endeavor, and ties Tatev to the world. Wings of Tatev, the aerial tramway linking the villages of Halidzor and Tatev on opposite sides of the Vorotan River Gorge, is the perfect symbol of this spirit of connection.

Wings of Tatev has two cabins carrying up to 25 passengers each. A large electric motor located at the bottom of the tramway station pulls each of the two cabins in opposite directions such that they pass each other midway on the cable span. While one cabin arrives at Tatev station, the other arrives at the opposite end, at Halidzor.

Wings of Tatev is a double-reversible aerial tramway. It spans 5.7 kilometers in a single journey lasting approximately 11 minutes, gliding up to 330 meters above the Vorotan River Gorge. The ropeway cost 13 million Euros to build.

By connecting passengers to Tatev Monastery from across the gorge, Wings of Tatev not only serves the local community whose members can ride it free of charge, but makes Tatev much more accessible to tourists. It is also a major attraction in its own right, providing magnificent views of the mountainous landscape and the historical and natural landmarks in the valley below.

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